Planosaurus offers services to help you combat the Organizational Monsters

Many organizations expect professionals to work collaboratively with both colleagues and external stakeholders but the reality is often marred by conflict, inefficiency, and miscommunications.

Collaborating effectively is complicated by the common threats to collaborative work we affectionately call Organizational Monsters. Problems like bad meetings, personality conflicts, and missing deadlines are actually symptoms of larger issues such as a lack of accountability or no communication protocols. The best way to improve results from collaborative work is to improve the systems, processes, tools, reward systems, and managers’ skills.

Our unique approach helps eliminate these common threats to collaborative work we affectionately call Organizational Monsters. Our clients are organizations who expect more from collaborative work: more efficiency, innovation, satisfaction, and communication. Planosaurus helps clients eliminate their Organizational Monsters, train leaders and managers and provides outsourced support for committees, governance, programs, projects and operations. Our services can be combined like puzzle pieces to augment their existing resources and take advantage of our expertise.

Improve Collaborative Productivity

If collaborative productivity is not present then Organizational Monsters likely are. Planosaurus helps you identify the real problems then crafts custom solutions to help you bring sustainable change.

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Support Collaborative Initiatives

Collaboration can be a lot of work and sometimes you need to augment your current in-house resources. Planosaurus can support your operations, meetings, collaborative groups, programs, and projects.

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Foster Better Collaborative Leaders

Training programs help managers, leaders and collaborative group members build upon knowledge and skills so they can ensure effective collaboration, cooperation and coordination on their watch.

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Planosaurus serves organizations that need to optimize collaborative work


Medium and large businesses often knowledge workers based


Hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies and healthcare vendors


Not-for-profits make the world a cleaner, safer, and more equal place


Government agencies of all sizes, their programs, and special committees


Stakeholders working towards a common goal through a standalone organization

Trade Associations

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Learn how Planosaurus can save you money

Planosaurus believes that collaboration can be an effective strategy for producing better quality results faster and in a cost-effective way. Whether you need help achieving collaborative productivity or supporting collaborative work – we are here to help.

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