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Organizational Monsters waste money by undermining collaborative productivity

When done correctly, collaboration brings benefits that individual collaborators are less likely to achieve on their own. When done well poorly, lots of time and money are spent with little to show for it. In fact, you’ve probably experienced the frustration that comes with ineffective collaboration: unproductive meetings, squandered budgets, poor results, loss of control over the process, personality conflicts, group think, and a lack of synergy.

These challenges do not arise because of difficult personalities or a ‘lack of teamwork’ but rather breakdowns in collaborative groups, communications, culture, focus, management, and process that deter individuals from producing better results when they work together. At Planosaurus, we affectionately call these common threats to collaborative productivity Organizational Monsters and we work diligently to help you eliminate them from your programs, projects, governance and operations.

Who We Are

Since 2009, Planosaurus has been obsessed with helping organizations get better results from collaborative work. We are a boutique consulting firm that helps organizations eliminate the common threats to collaboration we affectionately call Organizational Monsters in order to increase collaborative productivity.

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What We Do

Planosaurus helps organizations improve their collaborative productivity so they get the best results possible for their efforts. Our services are designed to help all types of organizations improve their collaborative productivity, support their collaborative initiatives and foster better collaborative leaders and managers.

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How We Do It

Planosaurus helps improve and support collaborative work by moving the focus from traditional team-building activities towards enhancing the systems, processes, tools, and leadership skillsets towards clarity and accountability. Our approach is a cost effective way to build sustainable collaborative productivity.

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Six reasons why the Planosaurus approach gets results

We’ve been in your shoes and know how it feels

Planosaurus was born from our frustration with committees, programs and projects.

We get to the source of the problem

We kick-off all projects with an assessment to identify the cause and effects.

Preventing problems is cheaper than solving them

We help build the infrastructure to control process and accountability.

We adapt to your needs

Our services are customized to each client – we can provide a little or a lot, in front or behind the scenes.

There’s nothing else like it on the market today

We approach collaboration from a different angle in order to build sustainable collaborative productivity.

Accountability is foundation of respect

Healthy collaboration requires trust and respect so we build accountability systems.

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Learn how Planosaurus can save you money

Planosaurus believes that collaboration can be an effective strategy for producing better quality results faster and in a cost-effective way. Whether you need help achieving collaborative productivity or supporting collaborative work – we are here to help.

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