Planosaurus offers services to help you combat the Organizational Monsters

Many organizations expect professionals to work collaboratively with colleagues and external stakeholders, but the reality is often marred by conflict, inefficiency, and miscommunications.

The common threats to collaborative work complicate effective collaboration, which we affectionately call Organizational Monsters. Problems like bad meetings, personality conflicts, and missing deadlines are symptoms of more significant issues, such as a lack of accountability or no communication protocols. The best way to improve collaborative work results is to improve the systems, processes, tools, reward systems, and managers’ skills.

Our unique approach helps eliminate these common threats to collaborative work, which we affectionately call Organizational Monsters. Our clients are organizations that expect more from collaborative work: more efficiency, innovation, satisfaction, and communication. Planosaurus helps clients eliminate their Organizational Monsters, trains leaders and managers, and provides outsourced support for committees, governance, programs, projects, and operations. Our services can be combined like puzzle pieces to augment their existing resources and utilize our expertise.