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Planosaurus gives your team a collaborative power boost

It isn’t always about finding Organizational Monsters and vanquishing them. Sometimes organizations, programs, and committees find themselves needing access to skills or more hands not available internally; this is where we come in. Planosaurus will work closely with your team to support your ongoing collaboration-based initiatives. Our methodology is applicable to nearly any industry, collaborative group, scope, and level on the organizational chart.

Imagine a contractor who not only supports your collaborative work but one who leaves collaboration better than they found it. Since outsourcing generally supports specific programs and projects, below is a sample of the types of management support services we can provide throughout your collaborative life cycle.


The start of every project, program cycle, and meeting begins with planning. Remember, all planning is strategic, regardless of who does it.

How we help

  • Strategic planning
  • Project and resource planning
  • Stakeholder outreach and coordination
  • Meeting planning
  • Training and coaching
  • Research and assessments
  • Project coordination, tracking and reports


During means managing, communicating, tracking, and mitigating risk regardless of the end goal.

How we help

  • Project coordination, tracking, and reporting
  • Stakeholder outreach and coordination
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Training and coaching


When the end is near it is time for evaluation, archiving and reporting. Programs also require transition planning for the next cycle.

How we help

  • Conduct stakeholder evaluations with briefings
  • Project and program audits and process evaluations
  • Meeting summarization and follow-up communications
  • Training and coaching

Here’s just a few of the infinite applications where Planosaurus can provide value


Advisory Committees

Ensure advisory committees actually advise and produce the quality of recommendations desired

Change Management

Help individuals accept change by integrating them into the process without forfeiting control

Collaborative Leadership

Safeguard against poor collaboration when you ensure leaders can design effective collaborative groups and oversee their progress

Collaborative Management

Ensure managers are skilled at managing collaborative groups even when they don’t manage team members

Conflict Resolution and Mitigation

Make everyone’s job easier by preventing unnecessary conflict rather than wasting time resolving it

Corporate Decision-Making

Harness insights from regional offices and other stakeholders to improve the corporate decision-making processes

Emergency Management

Mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from disasters more effectively by utilizing the committees already in place

Employee Satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction, productivity and turnover rates when you clarify who is who and what is what

Healthcare Quality

Provide better medical care by improving internal coordination and collaboration

Hiring Committees

Improve the group selection process to ensure you get the perfect fit without alienating stakeholders

Membership Relations

Improve participation and member engagement by improving their experience and the quality of communications

Organizational Design

Refine how your organizational design model works rather than change your org chart

Partnerships & Coalitions

Meet common organizational goals together while retaining control faster and more economically

Productive Meetings

Have fewer – and better – meetings when you refine guidelines of how people meet and design agendas for success

Program Management

Support ongoing program goals and activities without adding Full Time Employees (FTEs)

& much, much more

Planosaurus helps all types of organizations plan to collaborate better so contact us today

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Planosaurus believes that collaboration can be an effective strategy for producing better quality results faster and in a cost-effective way. Whether you need help achieving collaborative productivity or supporting collaborative work – we are here to help.

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