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Improve your collaborative productivity to save time, money and relationships

Planosaurus supports the professionals who lead and manage collaborative work, including those in senior leadership, department managers, program managers, project managers, and committee leaders. Together, we help ensure that the typical frustration caused by collaborative work like bad meetings, wasted resources, poor results, loss of control over the process, personality conflicts, group think, and a lack of synergy goes extinct.

Clients seek our services when they are ready to reclaim control over the process and products of collaborative work in order to reduce costs and ensure that systems are in place to achieve collaborative productivity regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Planosaurus believes that collaboration should be a strategy to get better results. This strategy works best when you eliminate these common threats to collaborative work we affectionately call Organizational Monsters. Our approach to problem solving is consistent, targeted, and cost effective.

Changing the way you work can be a pain and is usually unpopular. To minimize disruptions and maximize investments, Planosaurus recommends very specific changes and strategies for implementing them. Experience tells us that spending a little time identifying the cause and effects pay huge dividends down the road – even for small projects. We also know that addressing issues in the context of a real project from the start allows for better results because of a clear scope of work, timeline, and real outcomes.

Planosaurus helps you figure out why you have Organizational Monsters and assists you in improving collaborative productivity so you can get rid of them. How we help is based on addressing the challenges right at their source.

Collaborators Can’t

For most professionals, skills like managing projects, teams and meetings are learned on the job. When collaborators have not developed these competencies, they need help to help improve their skills.

How we help

  • Training to build skills
  • Individualized coaching
  • Develop tools, templates and guides
  • Reinforce oversight through organizational design development
  • Process improvement to ensure clarity for all

Collaborators Doesn’t

If they can, but won’t, it means that the accountability mechanism is broken. When this occurs, groups need to look at how they reward preferred behavior and help individuals be accountable for undesirable behavior.

How we help

  • Process improvement to ensure accountability is incorporated into all steps
  • Coaching management on how to communicate about accountability
  • Develop tools, templates, and guides
  • Reinforce oversight through organizational design development

Collaborators Won’t

Sometimes you want to do right but you can’t because the system does not support it. Without the necessary organizational structures, systems, procedures, resources and executive support efforts will be in vain.

How we help

  • Review and reinforce organizational design to ensure oversight is assigned
  • Process improvement to ensure the process is efficient, logical, and that accountability is incorporated into all steps
  • Structural improvements to collaborative group structure to ensure it has clear purpose, processes, and structures
  • Train individuals on how to communicate effectively with stakeholders

Three step approach to vanquishing Organizational Monsters


Step 1: Hunt

Identify the Organizational Monsters and their entry points

Planosaurus employs a variety of techniques including surveys, interviews, observation, and paper trail audits to identify both the systematic cause and effect of the reported problems. The result of our fact finding mission is documented in a findings report that serves as a blueprint for next steps.

Step 2: Plan

Develop a streamlined plan to block their entry points

Planosaurus works closely with our clients to determine the most appropriate and realistic plan which may include training to process improvement. This strategic plan is quickly transitioned into a management plan which will be updated throughout the relationship.

Step 3: Vanquish

Implement the plan to improve collaborative productivity
Planosaurus offers a variety of services to directly address the cause of Organizational Monsters: people don’t know how (can’t), don’t want to (don’t), or lack organizational systems and support (won’t). Our services are designed to augment existing resources and take advantage of our expertise in collaboration, management, and productivity.

Learn how Planosaurus can save you money

Planosaurus believes that collaboration can be an effective strategy for producing better quality results faster and in a cost-effective way. Whether you need help achieving collaborative productivity or supporting collaborative work – we are here to help.

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