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  • Can’t visualize and maintain control of multiple related moving parts
  • Doesn’t actively controlling what and how work is to be completed
  • Managing scope is challenging because of a lack of lack of support, infrastructure, systems and cultural norms



Food Source

Where managers lack control over the vision and/or process

Fun Fact

Creep’s personalized license plate generates lots of funny looks everywhere he goes

Tips for Control

The more people involved, your goals can get bigger, more diluted in meaning, and harder to manage. This can happen to programs, projects, meetings or even something as simple as the lunch order. Planosaurus helps organizations learn to stay focused so Creep doesn’t sneak up on you.




  • Can’t successfully identify and address potential issues with people, process and product
  • Doesn’t proactively work to prevent negative outcomes from predictable events
  • Proactively reducing risk is challenging due to a lack of support, infrastructure, systems and cultural norms



Food Source

Where potential problems are not seen or blatantly ignored

Fun Fact

Quicksand likes to prank the other monsters by hiding things and making them search for hours

Tips for Control

Many of the challenges collaborative groups struggle with are predictable and preventable with a little work up front. Mitigating risk is core to our approach and saves money and aspirin. Planosaurus helps organizations make reducing risk a way of life so collaborative productivity doesn’t sink into Quicksand.

Organizational Monsters often invite their friends so where there is one…Here are the signs that Organizational Monsters are destroying your collaborative productivity.

Black Hole

Boards, committees and teams who are neither efficient nor effective


Bad meetings or a culture that generates many unproductive meetings


Information that never gets to the right people the right way at the right time


Lack of sustainable support on initiatives from leadership

Dis Respect

Apathy or an unhealthy sense of competition


People not liable for their undesirable behavior


Managers lack control over the vision and/or process


Potential problems are not seen or blatantly ignored


Status of progress is unknown

Left & Write

Thoughtless consumption of resources

Wing It

Lack of process in place for planning from start to finish

Circle of Strife

Anywhere people are ‘making it up as they go’

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