Organizational Monsters
Organizational Monsters

Take collaborative productivity back from the Organizational Monsters

If you’ve worked for an organization, sat on a committee, or been part of a team, you’ve probably experienced some of the frustrations that come with collaborative work. Problems like bad meetings, personality conflict, and poor results are caused by the common threats to collaborative work we affectionately call Organizational Monsters. They are not difficult personalities – they are the outcome of a lack of boundaries, expectations, accountability, and systems to support collaborative work.

When collaborative productivity is lacking, it’s not uncommon for leaders and managers to address the effects instead of the cause. They hire a meeting facilitator to keep the peace, use collaboration software to automate communications, or send staff to team-building training. While all these activities hold some value, they only provide temporary relief. Organizational Monsters continue to appear like a game of Whac-A-Mole™ costing time and money few have to spare.

Planosaurus approaches collaboration realistically and with the intention of creating sustainable systems that foster collaborative productivity automatically. We do so simply by moving the focus from addressing the source of the problem instead of its symptoms and then building systems, processes, and relationships that focus on clarity and accountability. Our approach is a cost effective way to build sustainable collaborative productivity that can be sustained through personal changes and new projects.

Each Organizational Monster represents a common collaborative challenge for which Planosaurus offers solutions. Click on the Organizational Monster below to learn more about them and our expertise in that area or click here to meet them all in one infographic. If you quickly recognize one of the Organizational Monsters below, be warned you will likely recognize others because they often travel in packs and Black Hole and Whatever are almost always there.