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How Jill learned to manage collaboration so it didn’t manager her

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Meet Jill. She’s a seasoned manager who oversees programs, projects and committees. Jill knows how to manage collaboration so it doesn’t manage her. But, it wasn’t always that way. Her staff used to be plagued by meetings, a lack of focus and personality conflicts. Frustrated, she tried meeting facilitators, collaboration software and team-building exercises to no avail. She was still spending most of her time putting out fires.

So how did she find the missing piece to her puzzle? Introducing Planosaurus. They helped Jill regain control so she could see the benefits of collaboration.

Planosaurus evaluated how Jill’s team collaborates through observation, interviews, surveys and document reviews. They identified the common threats to collaborative work it affectionately call Organizational Monsters. Its data showed why and how these Organizational Monsters were undermining quality and efficiency.

Planosaurus advised Jill to focus on changes that would lock the Organizational Monsters up for good. Together, they developed a simple plan to help Jill regain control and results. Planosaurus started at the top by crafting an organizational strategy and guideline for collaboration.

Then, Planosaurus worked with each collaborative group to strengthen their framework and operational capacity. Next, they helped tackle the challenge of managing team members you don’t actually supervise. Finally, they helped address specific challenges once the other steps were complete.

She now knows how to use collaboration as a strategy for results thanks to Planosaurus. Jill now uses Planosaurus to augment her existing resources and their expertise.

Solve your collaboration puzzle by contacting Planosaurus today.

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Megan Wilmoth has built and managed products ranging from custom software for Fortune 1000 companies to marketing platforms for manufactures. She’s overseen work that impacts hundreds of organizations, thousands of individuals and millions of data points. Her ability to plan and mitigate allow her to succeed in whatever is thrown her way. She is President of Planosaurus, a consulting firm that helps organizations plan to do more with less.

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  • Megan Wilmoth,
  • September 15, 2015

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